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A successful practice starts with using experts in each respective field of business and here’s why:

  • Let’s face it, you cannot wear the hat of an attorney, accountant, biller etc. PLUS provide amazing clinical care without burning out quickly.
  • We have observed one too many social media disagreements between therapists going back and forth on the legality of something or the way to handle an accounting issue…. Stop right now! We cannot stress enough; use expert feedback when setting up and running your business, not the advice of a keyboard warrior who thinks they read how to do something.
  • We believe whole-heartedly that building relationships is a major key to success!

We like to think of the resources below as our partners in the business. We are an affiliate for some of the businesses listed below. We have used every one of these resources for our practice, Taproot Therapy and make recommendations based on our specific experience with them. When you use these resources through our links, we may receive compensation.

Therapy Notes

Therapy Notes is a HIPAA compliant electronic health record (EHR) that makes clinical documentation and billing a breeze. It offers a comprehensive client portal and easy client caseload management. Reasonably priced; this program is excellent for solo practices and growing group set ups alike. You can check it out here for one month free:


Let us just take a moment to say… Gusto ROCKS! It is a super user-friendly HR platform that handles all things employment including employee management, payroll, benefits, time off, and more. We previously used another popular payroll system and can honestly say Gusto knocks the other one out of the park with its usability, features, and pricing. Click the website link to get $100 sign up incentive! is an affordable VoIP service. They offer a BAA making it HIPAA compliant to call, text, and store contacts straight from your smart phone through an easily downloadable app. You can customize your greetings, phone tree, and add lines for an affordable rate. They also offer a great telehealth platform for an extra fee. Don’t assume your current phone provider is HIPAA compliant as many of them do not offer a BAA. You can check out here at the website above.

Google Workspace

Don’t reinvent the wheel... Google workspace is an amazing platform for business management needs, particularly for group practices. It has features that include emailing, chat, and shared sheets/docs/drives. And here’s a little secret a lot of people don’t know… the free and base versions are NOT HIPAA compliant. Sign up for a Taproot Therapy Consulting Session to find out why. The good news is the next level of google workspace is also an affordable option with the HIPAA compliant protection you are looking for. You can add google workspace to your business by clicking the web link!


For an affordable price, Intakeq is the perfect supplemental program to Therapy Notes, taking care of all your documentation needs. You can upload your own forms and customize them in intakeq or use their forms and make adaptations. The thing about intake that really takes customer service to the next level is their fillable form option with zero need to download adobe or other software. Clients can sign quickly from their phone or computer screen without the hassle of downloading then saving and resending the form. You can set up a free trial of intakeq here:

Avenue 25

Avenue 25 is a strategic branding, marketing, and custom web design agency. With a thorough design process unlike any other, the Avenue 25 team takes you through strategic exercises designed to better understand your company. We had the opportunity to participate in three meetings prior to being shown the first design so that the design team could fully understand our company’s clientele, purpose, and values. This unique process is what allowed us to come to the beautiful thistle as the Taproot logo; something we never would have uncovered on our own. The thistle embodies Taproot’s beliefs, and we attribute its image representing our group fully to the Avenue 25 team and process. Give them a call and tell them Taproot sent you!

P's Specialties

Phyllis is a rockstar at finding great merchandise deals. After spending hours looking at different kinds of pens, not sure where to start or how the pricing actually works, we put a desperate plea out on social media for assistance with our “swag.” Phyllis came through and has completely changed the way we approach marketing materials. She has helped us with everything from polos to stress balls and everything in between; all of which have the Taproot logo gorgeously displayed. She does the hard research of finding vendors at great prices often finding us discounts beyond what we would have had access to publicly. She is also a genius at making recommendations for any budget to get the most bang for your buck. Phyllis can be reached at and tell her Taproot sent you!


Wave is a user-friendly online bookkeeping system that makes balancing your books elementary simple. Offering easy expense and profit entry, Wave allows you to spend more time making the money and less time balancing the money. It also has killer reporting options so you can see your business profits in various formats. And the best part… It's completely FREE! Check out Wave at the link above.

Koeller Thompson CPAs

When it came to managing Taproot finances, we knew we wanted someone with integrity who understood the ins and outs of running numbers in easy to understand statements, offering business financial consulting, and providing reputable tax preparation for small business needs. Our search began with a colleague and quickly developed into finding and connecting with Benjamin Koeller, our renowned Taproot Therapy Tax Man! Beginning his accounting career in 1997, Ben has the experience and knowledge of small business financial management that we were looking for. The added bonus was finding someone responsive with a warm demeanor and integrity to match. Give Ben a call and tell him Taproot sent you!

Kathleen Holmes

(602) 618-6567
Finding the right physical location for your practice is downright difficult! Once you have the general area of where, then what? Walking in and walking out of numerous buildings, having rental numbers and agreements placed in front of us, we were at a loss. We needed and wanted to find the ‘best fit’ for our practice. This was when we reached out to Kathleen Holmes, a seasoned realtor from HomeSmart realty. With over 30 years in the real estate field, Kathleen Holmes was named one of Phoenix Magazines’ top 50 realtors in the valley! Kathleen took time and energy to listen to what we were searching for; finding properties and locations that worked within our budget while also meeting our long list of other needs! A definite plus we found was there were no out of pocket expenses on our end! Kathleen advised us along the way and handled tough negotiations to get us the best possible deal. We know she will be able to help YOU just as much as she helped guide us! Give her a call and tell her Taproot sent you!

Chad Hansen, Insurica

(602) 393-3754
We developed our group practice with a key value of providing a healthy work environment for staff. Offering a comprehensive benefits package was a big part of this goal. After a disappointing experience with another broker, we were discouraged and overwhelmed by this task, nearly ready to give up. We were introduced to Chad through a mutual friend and he completely changed our experience. Chad dedicated nearly an hour of his time before we were a committed client to hear our company goals and the challenges faced to date, as well as the deadlines that were nearly past due. Chad swooped in and completely fixed the previous errors made with one week's notice in time for the insurance company's deadline. He advised us on benefits offerings specific to Arizona state law, reviewed and set up everything individually for each employee, and created a custom Taproot specific benefits handbook for us to provide to new hires throughout the year. Chad and his team are responsive, knowledgeable, and honest. They took a daunting task and made it simple and manageable so we could continue focusing on the wellness of our staff and clients. Give Chad a call and tell him Taproot sent you!

CPH & Associates

After carrying another professional and general liability coverage company for the first year, we decided our growth warranted shopping around. We added CPH in 2019 and have never looked back. They offer excellent professional and general liability coverage for a much lower rate than their competitors. The customer service is quick and efficient with responses typically received the same day. And as a mental health practice the biggest bonus is that they offer proactive consultation with an attorney for any issue INCLUDED in your policy. We have used this on so many occasions regarding questions on custody, documentation release, subpoenas, etc! Check them out at the website above!

* Recommendations denoted by an asterisk are referral partners and Taproot Therapy Consulting may receive compensation from use of these links.

“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost."
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

“All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost."
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

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